Sunday, January 10, 2016

eBook Available on Amazon

Two years! What a haul. But after writing, attending critique sessions, rewriting, sending it to a developmental editor twice, more revisions, sending it to a copy editor, and...yup, you guessed it, more writing and rewriting...

I can finally say--

Wait! I also muddled through cover design. I took a picture of a pair of jeans, bought new fonts from, and perused buttercup images at (thank you Blue Diamond Photography!)


I fussed with changing the margins, uploading to KDP, know what? This is boring. Suffice it to say Dealing with Blue is up and digitally available. Check it out on Amazon. It's also available through Kindle Unlimited until April 2016.

Getting it in paper back is another matter altogether, and I'm still working on that one :)

Dealing with Blue
Cover Art

  Dealing with Blue is a Young Adult Romance about a self-contained girl named Suzy Blue, who quietly endures a fragile relationship with her hoarding mother. Suzy wants to be wild and free and agrees to take part in a pretend girlfriend scheme with her charming neighbor, J.J. Radborne. When the lines between fake and real start to blur, Suzy gets nervous. What if J.J. wants more and what happens when he finds out about her mom?

This is a small town love story about a strong girl, a bad boy, forgiveness and trust, and finding love.

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