Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Look What My Eyeballs Found!

I'm considering a book giveaway on Goodreads, and through a search, found an informative blog by author Catherine Ryan Howard.

I love her writing style and gleaned fabulous information on what to consider and what to ignore. Here's what I've learned, just in time, too:

* It's not about how many books you give away. It's about how many eyeballs see your book giveaway.

* Don't restrict the giveaway to U.S. residents only, especially if you're self-published and don't have to worry about territory issues. Again, it's about how many eyeballs see your book.

* If you're worried about shipping costs, order your book from Createspace and send directly to the winners from there, instead of paying to ship to yourself and again to ship to the winner's address.

* If the winner is from another country, say the UK, order and ship your book to them from Amazon.co.uk.

* Don't just have one giveaway, have multiple, and make use of the fact that participants who didn't win, will get an email from Goodreads, saying to try again in the book's new giveaway.

Read Catherine's article Don't Do What You're Told and Goodreads Giveaway: An Update for an in-depth and witty read.

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