Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Currently in July

Independence Day
Stars and Stripes

1.) Yesterday, for the July 4th festivities, I went to my friend's house, and while the kitchen was abuzz with cooking burgers and onions rings, I meandered around her garden and snapped a few pictures. See below:

Polka Dots

Buds and Blooms

Buddha's Head

Tilly Bean

Patriotic Pooch

2.) We played a very cool game called Codenames, which we ended up buying for ourselves!

3.) We then watched two movies, one I'd never seen before called Book of Life, which I loved! The other was one of my favorite knee slappers, Mrs. Doubtfire. Oh, the laughs. Sigh.

4.) We devoured decadent brownies with gooey middles, which later made me understand the phrase, "death by chocolate," and...

5.) While laying in bed with the caffeinated chocolate jitters, waiting for sleep to take me, I picked up my first Sarah Dessen read off my TBR pile...Someone Like You (circa 2004).


"It's not my job to make everyone happy. That's what chocolate is for."

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