Thursday, July 07, 2016

Rebooted eBook Cover

Left: Previous Cover / Right: New Look!

I'm slowly bringing about a new look for Dealing with Blue, starting with the ebook cover! Hello, world!

The paperback has the same "previous cover" look, but will be updated, or rather rebooted (I think that's the latest marketing jargon), when book #2 is ready to publish. Once that happens, I will:
* include book #2's intro chapter at the end of DWB,
* change the width of the spine for the added pages,
* add "Author of book #2" or "Award Finalist" bling at the bottom of the cover,
* yadda, yadda. Suffice it to say, more work is involved, but I'm playing the waiting game.

So, begins the new cover roll out, dribble out...breadcrumbing? Whatever the trendiest buzzwords are, it's in the works!

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