Sunday, January 01, 2017

Day #3: Starting the New Year with Blackout Poetry

FIRST: Happy New Year! HONK. Tweet. It's 2017!

SECOND: Start your year with a biker themed adventure story where Will and Miki find themselves on a hellish road trip of tough luck and tough love. Burnout is free on Amazon. 

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Today - January 3rd

THIRD: I just found a new hobby, and I need one like I need another hole in my head, as my mom would say. I stumbled across blackout poetry on Pinterest one day and thought, "How clever."

I have to confess that I found this poetry process addicting. To get started, I selected a random page from an old proof copy of Dealing with Blue (pack rat) and followed Austin Kleon's youtube video on How to Make a Newspaper Blackout Poem. He seems to know his way around the topic, so I followed along diligently.
1.) Find your page and tap your inspiration.
2.) Select the words you like. I used a pencil and erased a lot :)
3.) Then, blackout what you don't need, high light what you do.

Ta da! I LOVED finding words, maybe even a hidden meaning especially within my own story.

My Blackout Poem


Let's just say,
I saw a hornet behind her ear.
She turned, and
the lunch crowd stared
interested in
the magic between them.


Lissa Kadlec said...

I've never heard of Blackout Poetry before, but I think I love it. I can't wait for some time to sit down and create some. Happy New Year Stacia!

Stacia said...

Thanks, Lissa! It's addicting...sort of like doing crosswords, I guess. I pack around some pages and when I have some free time...I look for words. New art for a new year :)