Monday, January 02, 2017

Day #4: Be Good To Yourself

With the start of January come resolutions, like loosing weight, exercising, rejuvenating the creative spirit, doing more of something, or maybe doing less. Mine will be to get on a better writing schedule. Write every day, rain or shine, a couple hours, just do it. I've got four ideas, and I want to work on them all, but then I find myself stuck in marketing hell...

Oh yeah.


Riding with the Hides of Hell* is STILL FREE on Amazon, from now until tomorrow, January 3rd. It's about a kick-@ss heroine named Miki Holtz, who fights for what she wants, survives the bad bikers, and saves the boy. It's a hellish road trip of tough luck and tough love. Get your clicking finger ready and give RHOH a go.

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Today - January 3rd

Boom! Done. Back to resolutions. What I was trying to say, is to make 2017 a year of being good to the turtle below.

Be Good To Yourself

This image has come a long way, baby. I first created it for the 2010 Ripple Project and called it "Clean Up at the Gulf." Then I worked Mr. Crab and the black oil out of it to make postcards as take-aways at the 2012 SCBWI conference where I was showing my art portfolio. I had 500 cards printed, the conference would only allow me to leave a pile of 200 there, so I had turtle postcards coming out of my ears.

Then the November 2016 Western Washington Scrapbook Retreat happened. I signed up for the card swap and wondered how to put a dent in my stash of postcards. What does one do with a turtle taking a bubble bath?

I cut, glued, and tied ribbon onto a card with the words, "Be good to yourself" and made thirty birthday cards.

It was a small dent.

So...yeah. Resolutions. Be good to yourself out there!


Now, go get your copy of Riding with the Hides of Hell* for free, draw your own bubble bath, sing Happy Birthday if you want, then settle in for a relaxing soak and a good read. Let the adventure begin :) Oh, it's an ebook, so there's that...

* Riding with the Hides of Hell has a new title: Burnout!

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