Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Favorite Reads in 2016

In 2013, I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 75 books for the year and read 176%. Fist bump. Yes! 

In 2014 I challenged myself to read 100 books and succeeded. Too easy.

In 2015 I...uh. I failed. I don't even know how badly because even Goodreads is embarrassed to show the badge. *lower lip quivers*

In 2016 I vowed this would never happen to me again! My challenge was to read 100 books and if that meant reading skinny books, picture books, comics, whatever, then that's what I would do. On December 30th, I went to Barnes & Noble to make an exchange for my kids and spent some time reading picture books to catch up.

I don't feel bad about my reading choices; I love kids books and all those beautiful illustrations. In fact, I bought one at Klindt's Bookstore in The Dalles, Oregon over Christmas break (Number 1 on my list). I walked in, read it, bought it, took it home, and immediately read it two more times. The illustrations are fabulous! Lovesies!

1.) Favorite "Surprise" Picture Book

Ha ha! I did it!

Okay, enough blabbing. I perused my reads for 2016 and decided to list my favorites. It's all over the map. Here goes:

2.) Favorite "Laugh Out Loud" Graphic Novel

3.) Favorite Childrens Early Read

4.) Favorite Young Adult

5.) Favorite "Freaky" Middle Grade

6.) Favorite "Didn't Want It to End" Middle Grade

7.) Favorite "Where Is This Going?" Middle Grade

8.) Favorite Romance

9.) Favorite "Get 'Er Done" Self Help

10.) Favorite "Chalk Full of Good Stuff" How-To Book

"Children should learn that reading is pleasure,
not just something that teachers make you do in school." ~ Beverly Cleary

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