Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Project 10 of 365


I made it to double digits! Yippee!

I still need to get a schedule would be great if I could get up before the kids, work on my writing and artwork, then get on with the flow of the day. If only I were a morning person. If only...

Another quickie collage on recycled beer box divider cardboard. I looked up other three to five letter animal sounds for other ideas and came up with a list:

1.) Snake - hiss
2.) Bee - buzz
3.) Chicken - cluck
4.) Frog - croak
5.) Cow - moo
6.) Donkey - bray
7.) Baby chick - peep
8.) Crow - caw
9.) Fish - blub
10.) Coyote - howl
11.) Lion - growl
12.) Sheep - bleat
13.) Horse - neigh
14.) Rooster - crow
15.) Doves - coo
16.) Cricket - chirp
17.) Hummingbird - hum
18.) Goose - honk
19.) Person - talk

Other sounds that a relatively short and worth considering for this project: purr, bark, sing, ribbit, squeak, whinny, cackle, gobble.

Now, if I ever get stuck...I have a healthy list to ponder.

Recycled elements: cardboard, music sheets, magazine paper

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Miranda Meeks said...

This is great - I love the textures you've achieved here. Good luck with your project, you have a great start already!