Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project 2 of 365

Baby is Back.

Baby is Back. - Detail


I love you so much baby
Even know you can be a bitch
I still love you
Cause I know who you really are
So please bring her back baby

We can have a great life together
But it's up to you
I love you baby
Have a merry x-mas
Love Austin

I found this note in the ditch by my mailbox a couple years ago and have been inspired by it since. I am intrigued by the use of "baby" and the multitude of emotions layered in this short note...pleading, love, insults,  ambivalence...all written on a restaurant guest check. What a story! Who is baby? Did she get this note and toss it in the ditch? Or was Austin too proud or embarrassed to give it to her?

Recycled elements: guest check "love" note, ticket stub, magazine paper, stationary, parking stubs and other memorabilia.

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