Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project 7 of 365
Illustration Friday: Faded

Bye Breezy

Bye Breezy - detail


Great. It’s about time. It’s weird how over the past
two weeks life’s gotten much more exciting. I’m
still trying to figure out why John was kissing
my hand. Anyway it’s been raining here and I’m
getting mad because I want to sun bleach
my hair. After all, I am a Californian. So when are 
you coming back? To California of course. Well
I gotta run. Since it’s been so long you’ll have
to fill me in on your adventures. It’s been live.

Bye, Breezy

 Today, I used Project 6: Just Relaxing as my inspiration; the second part of Cloth Paper Scissors' (Jan/Feb 2012, page 80) art prompt number 23. "Create a doodle on a piece of paper and then use it to create a piece of art."

After reading about Breezy's adventures with hand kissing and hair coloring, her thoughts faded into the night.

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Miranda Meeks said...

I really love this. I love the numbers and the letter on the side, and the girls eyelashes. Wonderful job!