Thursday, February 02, 2017

February's Heart Art Challenge

This is DAY TWO of my 28-day challenge...the one I'm calling the Heart Art Challenge where I dedicate some time to seeing or finding or showing love.

"You don't need the love, you are the love."

Since I've been thinking about hearts lately: organs, shapes, love, Valentine's Day, and Pop Art and seeing them around me, I've decided to explore things a little further with a list of ideas:

1.) Read a love story or a book with a heart on the cover
2.) Eat a donut with heart sprinkles
3.) Donate to a cause, like the American Heart Association
4.) Photograph hearts in nature
5.) Find a heart in your workspace
6.) Draw one
7.) Paint one
8.) Make a paper collage heart
9.) Make a list about the things you love
10.) Blackout heart poetry
11.) Bake heart-shaped cookies
12.) Wear a heart
13.) Do something that makes your heart feel really good!
14.) Exercise your heart
15.) Make someone else's heart feel really good!
16.) Give a heart away
17.) Make a Valentine's Day card
18.) Sculpt a heart
19.) Make a heart healthy meal and share the recipe

Okay...this list is getting hard. Let's see...

20.) Call your Mom or your dad or someone who needs to hear the words, "I love you."
21.) Write a haiku poem about hearts.
22.) Listen to a song about hearts.
23.) Read articles like: 13 Things That Are Good for Your Heart

The pressure!

24.) Make an origami heart 
25.) Share a love-inspired quote
26.) Make a Valentine's Day craft with kids
27.) Sew a heart pillow
28.) Make your own heart-shaped bath bombs

Yeah! I also made a Heart Art Challenge board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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