Friday, February 02, 2018


I don't wear a lot of red, but after some serious digging into my wardrobe I found a faded t-shirt, ruby earrings, a garnet necklace, and an old pair of dusty heels I've only worn once.

Since I was helping a friend celebrate her birthday this morning, and I wanted to participate in the American Heart Association's 15th Annual National Wear Red Day today, I brushed the dust off my shoes and breezed out the door with birthday wishes and hot coffee on my mind.

Of course, I needed to take a picture and as it happens, just the other day I bought a portable table-top photography studio (another project, another day) and thought I'd try it out. Random...I know.

Studio in Use


The price wasn't bad at $40.00, and it came with the two LED lights shown, collapsible cloth frame, a miniature tripod and clamp for phone cameras (cheap and not the best for bigger, weightier phones),  and four backdrop cloths (red, white, blue, and black). The fabric box folds into a carrying case with three pockets that hold everything nicely. Love it!

I wish the tripod were better, but for the total price, I can't really complain. One thing I might add later are cloth bags to hold the backdrop cloths so they stay nice and clean while being toted around. Here's what it looks like folded and ready for storage or transport:


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