Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 3: 2018 Heart Art Challenge

The third week is upon us, and I'm still plodding along with my Heart Art Challenge where everyday in February I find something positive--with regards to hearts and love--to put out into the world. Today offered a nice way to wake a sunny reprieve in Seattle.

12.) The sun taunts me while I make winter break plans, which hopefully involve a lot of snow: skiing, sledding, and a cabin in the mountains.

Hearts and Lights

13.)  Yesterday, I received a gift from my hubby; he thought every writer should have a telescoping pen! #amwriting

Telescopic Key-Ring Pen
by True Utility

14.) Happy Valentine's Day! Today, I was at the elementary school teaching an art lesson about hues, tints, and shades. We mixed up some paint and had a go at making Valentine hearts with lights and shadows. A quick and fun lesson right before their class party.

Heart Art on the Drying Rack

Heart Art Wall

15.) Throw Back Thursday: A photo from last summer in Sinemorets, Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Morning coffee with a heart.

Beach Combing and Coffee

16.) Surprise! Asphalt heart.

Hearts Everywhere

17.) Need some inspiration on this fine Saturday? 

Put some happy in your heart.

18.) Where was I last night? At the Paramount theater in downtown Seattle, watching Hamilton. All I can say is...WOW! Way to rap out a fresh take on Alexander Hamilton in U.S. history...I loved it. I've seen plenty of musicals and plays, and this one is easily my new favorite.

Hamilton, a Broadway Musical

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