Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 4: 2018 Heart Art Challenge

19.) Happy President's Day! I decided to make a heart-healthy dessert today: crockpot applesauce with no sugar added...only apples, cinnamon, vanilla, a bit of lime juice (didn't have lemon) and some water. Tastes like yummy apple pie filling. Hmm, hmm good.

Easy Slow Cooker Applesauce

20.) Doxie love! I painted this several years ago and gave it to my mom in memory of a very special dog. Feeling nostalgic and grateful for pets today.

Zoey Over the Rainbow Bridge

21.) I was off the grid for the past several days--no wifi, no cable, no cell--while enjoying a rustic yet cozy cabin in Rhododendron, Oregon called Laughing Bear. I heart snow!

22.) While on winter break, we went skiing at Timberline on Mt. Hood and tubing at The Summit. Hearth healthy exercise, right? Felt like it.

23.) While off the grid, we watched old movies, ate popcorn, and played a marathon of Apples to Apples. When I had some "me" time, I worked on a blackout poem...something creative, something I love to do.

24.) While the rest of the family went tubing at The Summit, I sat in the car with the dogs and worked on some writing projects. Tango was beside me with the light hitting his hair just right. I love this crazy mutt.

Tango with his mutton chops.

25.) Saying goodbye to the snow is equally hard and easy to do. Putting chains on tires while in a white wonderland...chaffing ski boots while gliding down a mountain...popsicle toes while drinking hot chocolate and Fireball. It's been fun, Mt. Hood! Loves ya!

Cold Snow, Warm Heart

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