Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Week 2: 2018 Heart Art Challenge

Oh, happy Monday, the Heart Art Challenge continues! Here is the second week of February, and my dedication to all things love and hearty:

5.) Made a list of things sold this year from ESPIALdesign's Etsy shop where 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association in November.

6.) Snapshot! Found a heart in nature.

"Some buggy loves you!"

7.) My heart feels sentimental right now. I hung my late grandma's cuckoo clock on my wall today and WOW... that thing is a beast. When it was handed down to me a couple months ago nothing on it worked. I took it to a clock shop, who at first quoted me a base price of $750, but then called to say there were no parts made for its age and size. I had them turn it into a battery-operated clock instead. The music no longer plays, the people no longer dance, and the cuckoo has been removed, but it still tells the time. Waiting for #happyhour

A BIG souvenir from Grandma's Travels
Germany, 1979

8.) This evening I cooked up some heart-shaped blueberry pancakes. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? Scrumptious! Recipe called Fluffy Pancakes (serves 8) at The only adjustment I made to the batter was to use less baking powder: 1-1/2 teaspoons instead of two.

I Heart Pancakes

9.) Fresh from the ESPIALdesign studio: Four big bookmarks that are all heart, inspired by these phrases: "Spread our wings" and "Live our dreams" and "Let's go be adventurers."

Heart Corner-Bookmarks: Front
"Live for Adventure"

These four gems are packaged together and are available on Etsy for book lovers, Valentines, or anyone who likes to leave love notes. Inexpensive, full of good vibes, and half the proceeds go to the American Heart Association. They're fun to make while I cogitate about writing.

Heart Corner-Bookmarks: Back
Love Notes

10.) Thought I'd share a few pictures from our K├Âln trip last summer where we walked along the bridge of love and locks.
"40,000 padlocks hang on the bridge to date – a shocking number considering that the tradition only started in 2008. That means 40,000 couples – 80,000 individuals in all – have participated in this fast-growing, spontaneous collection. The padlocks have added over 2 tons of weight to the bridge, causing local officials to question how long the practice can be sustained." ~
Hohenzollernbr├╝cke Bridge 2017
 Cologne, Germany

11.) Recycled an old Valentine card into a new one and am going to mail it tomorrow to friends in Colorado. Ending this week and starting the next with good vibes. Happy Valentines Week!

"Know what makes this Valentine sweet?"

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